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Counterterrorism terminology

The Associated Press reports that the National Counterterrorism Center in the United States has published guidance on using terms when talking about terrorism.

The last one is probably the best piece of advice:

Don’t use “salafi,” “Wahhabist,” “sufi,” “ummah” and other words from Islamic theology unless you are able to discuss their varied meanings. Particularly avoid using “ummah” to mean the Muslim world, as it is a theological term.

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Islamic (Arabic) terminology that has entered popular culture (with negative connotations)

1. Jihad — mindless killing of infidels and heretics.

2. Fatwa — an order to kill, especially from a religious leader.

3. Sharia — totalitarian system in which every transgression is punished by beheadings, floggings and stoning of women.

4. Hijab — oppressive piece of clothing, preferrably black.

5. Mullah — male religious leader, always bearded, prone to ranting against Jews and America.


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