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Ziauddin Sardar lays into Quilliam Foundation founders

The embrace of former extremists is a slap in the face for Muslims who have worked tirelessly to build a British Muslim identity and foster inclusion by constructive community activity. It’s another attempt at the marginalisation of the overwhelming majority who never had a moment’s doubt that Islam gives no sanction for such murderous and misguided perversion of belief.

I am troubled by the fact that former extremists are seen as the only people who know how to deal with extremism. Just because you have been an inmate of a mental hospital does not mean you are an expert in clinical psychology. But former extremists are being lionised because they confirm the basic tabloid prejudice that violence is a natural part of being a Muslim. So whose ignorance is being vindicated? Certainly the potential of an open, unapologetic belief in Islam as a valuable part of British society is not on the agenda.

At every stage of dealing with extremism, the government has made the wrong choice. First, only British-trained imams were to be promoted, though how and what they were trained in was not examined. Then there were to be roadshows at which religious scholars selected for their moderation and tractability, rather than an understanding of the problems of young British Muslims, would explain the error of extremist ways. Then Sufism was touted as the solution, and the Sufi Muslim Council was created as the voice of moderation. Now the way forward is with sinners who were once mouthpieces for jihadi propaganda and advocated the violent rejection of all things western.



Trevor Brooks jailed

So, Trevor Brooks, sorry “Abu Izzadeen”, has been jailed for inciting and funding terrorism, temporarily ending the career of yet another loud-mouthed Celebrity Fanatic.  Funny how these men (and they’re always men, of course) have always called on others to go and kill themselves for The Righteous Cause, yet have always preferred to stay at home (usually at the expense of the state they claim to loathe).

Some Quilliam advisors drop out?

Ahead of their official launch later today (1pm in the UK), I decided to take another look at the Quilliam Foundation website and noticed some of the (Muslim) names on their board of advisors had been removed.

Here was a list of Muslim advisors when the website first went up:

Shaikh BaBikr Ahmed BaBikr
Shaikh Abdal-Aziz Al-Bukhari
Shaikh Dr Usama Hassan
Shaikh Ali al-Saleh al-Najafi
Mufti Abu Laith al-Maliki
Imam Dr Musharraf Hussain al-Azhari
Shaikh Abdus Subhan
Professor Yahya Michot

Three of these names have been removed: Yahya Michot, Abdus Subhan and Abu Laith al-Maliki. I couldn’t find anything on why they have been removed, other than some speculation on MPACUK’s forums.

Unsurprisingly, websites denouncing the foundation’s creators, especially Maajid Nawaz, have appeared.

Destroy Rod Parsley

Martin E. Marty does so (not literally, of course):

Islam has no central authority. It is a family religion, a village religion, with millions of bases for a billion believers. Islam is not an institution or a dogma. When one calls for the destruction of Islam one has to mean the killing of all Muslims. Rather than accuse Parsley of calling for genocide, it is in place to ask him to spell out alternatives. Does “destroy” Islam mean winning a debate until every last targeted Muslim cries uncle and says, “I give up, you win”? He may mean that. Does the “destruction of Islam” mean the deconversion of a billion people and, preferably, conversion to Parsley’s “Christian civilization”? Try converting as many as one in your town, and then take on the millions more in Indonesia. Does “destroy” mean bombing the 1,209 mosques in America, which number includes only a few of the world-wide total? As of now, Parsley simply calls for “war.” By most definitions, doesn’t “war” mean “killing”?

British National Party is trying to shed its antisemitic past as part of a drive to pick up votes among London’s Jewish community

The far right British National party is trying to shed its antisemitic past as part of a drive to pick up votes among London’s Jewish community. The party, which could get its first seat on the London assembly if voter turnout is low next month, is campaigning in Jewish areas across the capital and attempting to play on what it sees as historical enmity between the Jewish and Muslim communities.In one leaflet, handed out in north London last weekend, the party’s only Jewish councillor, Pat Richardson, is quoted along with a picture of young Muslims holding a placard reading: “Butcher those who mock Islam.”

“I’m in the BNP because no one else speaks out against the Islamification of our country,” said Richardson. “Being Jewish only adds to my concern about this aggressive creed that also threatens our secular values and Christian tradition.”

The move has sparked a furious reaction among Jewish organisations who say the BNP is still antisemitic and racist.

The Board of Deputies, the London Jewish Forum and the Community Security Trust have launched a campaign with other ethnic minority and cultural groups and the Hope Not Hate campaign to combat the BNP threat.

Ruth Smeeth, of the Community Security Trust, said: “The BNP website is now one of the most Zionist on the web – it goes further than any of the mainstream parties in its support of Israel and at the same time demonises Islam and the Muslim world. They are actively campaigning in Jewish communities, particularly in London, making a lot of their one Jewish councillor, their support of Israel and attacking Muslims. It is a poisonous campaign but it shows a growing electoral sophistication.”


Britain’s Muslim population ‘reaches 2 million’

I am sure Mark Steyn and his followers are busy writing about the impending arrival of Eurabia following news that Britain’s Muslim population is estimated at around 2 million.

The Muslim bus driver who told his passenger to get off so he could pray

Turns out that “Muslim news story” was garbage.


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