Policemen involved in honour crimes investigated

Via Pickled Politics, comes news that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has reprimanded officers for failing to investigate claims of abuse made by Banaz Mahmod on numerous occasions. Banaz Mahmod, you may remember, was murdered by her father and uncle for ‘dishonouring’ her family. Two other offices are facing further disciplinary action.

Also via PP, I came across a Radio 4 discussion on forced marriages:

For the past twelve years, a former police inspector, Philip Balmforth, has worked with West Yorkshire Police on the question of forced marriage. He’s said to have protected thousands of vulnerable girls in the area. He is now undergoing disciplinary procedures, accused of giving out false information about forced marriage. But critics say he’s being disciplined because of concerns expressed by Bradford Council that his work is bad publicity for the city. More than 50 MPs have signed a petition asking for his reinstatement. It’s been organised by the MP for Keighley, Ann Cryer, who joins Jenni Murray to discuss the situation.

Knowing what little I know, I am compelled to agree with a commentator on PP: don’t underestimate the role of local politics in these allegations against Balmforth.

Update: There is definitely more to the Balmforth story than meets the eye. But perhaps not what prejudice might expect:

The uncorrected transcript (you have to scroll down) makes for fascinating reading. The committee heard that of the 33 pupils mentioned, there were no secondary school Asian girls and one secondary school Asian boy on the missing register. There is now an investigation underway into how information that supports prejudice against a community has made its way into the media.


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