Con Coughlin still justifying The Glorious Invasion of Iraq

Taking a break from his latest pastime (tub-thumping for an invasion of Iran), Con “Saddam Is Linked To Al-Qa’ida” Coughlin is once again trying to explain why the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent occupation are Good Things. This time Coughlin combines his support for the invasion with that an attack on the BBC, accusing the corporation of putting negative spin on the both the decision to invade and the occupation.

Clearly, the “executive” foreign correspondent of the Telegraph has not learnt to scrutinse evidence and counterevidence before making an argument. Instead, Coughlin rests his entire case for the goodness of the Iraq war by (ab)using a joint BBC/ABC/ARD/NHK poll. While accusing the BBC of spin, he fixes himself on the 55% who say things are ‘good’ compared to August 2007 (the last time the BBC involved itself a similar opinion in Iraq, when it found 39% thought life was ‘good’).

The poll results themselves are contradictory (this is not surprising) and show that while people may hope for a better future (who wouldn’t!), there is also a considerable number of people who feel less safe, think the prescence of US forces are making the security situation worse (while also having no confidence in the ability of the US armed forces), and are worried about the lack of jobs and basic amenities. The poll also showed differences between the three major Sunnis, Shias and Kurds. The poll doesn’t, however, consider the plight of Iraqi women or religious minorities.

But Coughlin doesn’t bother to tell his readers about all of that though, because five years later he still remains committed to arguing for stupid foreign expeditions.


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