Would MPs like to be stopped and searched?

Following the Derek Conway scandal, Marina Hyde offers a solution to restore trust in politicians:

[G]iven the willingness of [David] Cameron and [Gordon] Brown to discount civil liberties, it seems perfectly reasonable to judge that their very silence on the Conways incriminates their party members in some way.

Since then, the Tory leader has let it be known that “at least” 70 of his MPs employ family members, and that his frontbenchers will soon be required to register this, while the prime minister is said to be planning to consult on his own strategy for transparency … but doesn’t it already feel as if bureaucracy is getting in the way? Frankly, isn’t it time for MPs’ offices to be stopped and searched? In the past week, Labour has lost a cabinet minister and the Tories an MP over financial irregularities. Could there be any suspicion more reasonable than the hunch there might be more going on behind those Gothic walls?


Naturally, the parliamentary community would complain of being victimised. MPs might find themselves six times more likely to be arrested than people from less fiddle-prone communities. Mr Conway’s chum Roger Gale has already described the Standards and Privileges Committee’s fantastically wet verdict on his friend as “a witch-hunt” – speaking for all those of us who read about Derek’s son Henry cavorting at his Fuck Off I’m Rich party and found ourselves inescapably reminded of The Crucible’s John Proctor.

I can only assume our Members of Parliament will have no objection to Ms. Hyde’s suggestion, given their overwhelming (and cross-party) support for stop and search powers?


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