David ‘Dave’ Cameron consults Iraq and other beacons of social harmony on integration

Dave, speaking at Davos 2008, gives another example of They Do It In Saudi:

[M]ost of all, for me Davos this year was about the issue of how we in the west stop and reverse the process of the radicalisation of Muslim youth. What is shocking is that whether you talk to the prime minister of Pakistan, the Queen of Jordan or the deputy prime minister of Iraq (to name but three), they all agree that we have a huge task in the UK.

Since when did Pakistan, Jordan or Iraq become paragons of tolerance, social harmony and multiculturalism?

Is this the same Pakistan which is presented as a country in meltdown?

Perhaps it is the same Jordan, which ensures social harmony through the use of torture?

Or maybe Dave had in mind some other Iraq? Perhaps the Iraq where drilling holes into heads, acid-induced burns, and death squads aren’t planks of the government’s social policy?

Where next, I wonder, will Dave look for advice? Perhaps he will seek guidance from the leaders of Burma, Syria and Kenya on electoral reform?

Of course, there is no mention of the fact that Dave voted for the war in Iraq, which has a substantial effect on so-called ‘radicalisation’ process (even if it is not the ‘root cause’).

Then there is the paradox of demanding Muslim loyalty to the state, yet at the same time soliciting opinions on British Muslims from those who have no loyalty to it, something we saw on display in the right-wing press following the reported comments of an Iraqi politician.


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