A Sufi attempt to build a new political modernity for Islam?

Oppposed to any sectarian position, [Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)] has made effort towards inclusiveness, and it is open to Shiites as well as Christians. In the frame of the debate about whether Islam is compatible with democracy, the leader of PAT has made a point that the Islamic paradigm is convertible into the modern political evolved in the West. His will to reduce antagonism with Western thought has led him toclaim, like the father of Islamic reformism Muhammad Abduhm that “Islamic State means a pure democratic State,” even though there might be differences in interpretation and definition. There is a common set of institutions and values shared by both systems: pluralism, human rights, equality, social justice were all present, according to him, in the nizami-i-mustafa, the political system built on the mode of the community. “All things which West wants are already in Quran,” says Qadri. In a way, PAT has secularized the Islamic principles to make them compatible with conceptual framework of political modernity. Inscribed in a context of globalization and tense national debate, the ideology of MUQ has probably worked successfully at conquering new religious markets. As for PAT, it has so far seemingly failed in mobilizing the masses.

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1 Response to “A Sufi attempt to build a new political modernity for Islam?”

  1. 1 sarah January 18, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    oh i just LOVE this article. thankyou.

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