Blogging the Qur’an

The Guardian has decided to start a blog on the Qur’an — funnily enough it will be called Blogging the Qur’an. The blog will be written by Ziauddin Sardar, with support from Madeleine Bunting.

As explained by Georgina Henry, Comment is free’s editor, the blog will be similar to Blogging the Bible, a project started by Slate’s David Plotz. Blogging the Qur’an was started in part as a response to the views expressed by people in the threads of Comment is free (Islam/Muslim themed posts tend to attract some of the worst trolls on the internet).

I expect the choice of Sardar will annoy some Muslims who will deem him unsuitable to talk about the Qur’an to the public. However, I don’t think they need to be too worried. For a start, Sardar has admitted in his introduction that he is not an expert — so he is not usurping the role of the alim. Secondly, we should recognise this is a journalistic endeavour (as was Plotz’s interest in the blogging about the Bible), not necessarily a scholarly one. Basically, what we will be reading is Sardar’s interaction with the Qur’an. Sardar has interesting views as a cultural critic (e.g. on Islam and postmodernism), but sometimes I find his comments on certain aspects of Islam (like history) factually incorrect (and by factually incorrect I don’t mean ‘different opinion’). And perhaps a Muslim scholar of the Qur’an could, on occassion, write into the blog to help out?

It is disappointing, if understandable, that they will have no comments on this blog and will only take comments by email (this is the same format laid out by Blogging the Bible). Comments received by email will be reviewed and published each week when the blog is updated. I would encourage Muslim bloggers (or anyone else for that matter) who feels up to it, to keep track of Sardar’s blog and write their own responses, as well as emailing the Blogging the Qur’an team. Whatever your views on Sardar, or indeed religion as a whole, this is an interesting attempt by the Guardian, which has been at the forefront of improving relationship between sections of the mainstream media and Western Muslims.

Muslims and the Western media: giving credit where it’s due


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  1. 1 dawood January 7, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Not to be confused with the Spencer version with exactly the same title eh? Hopefully this one will be much more interesting.

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