Die, journalism, die!

When reporters don’t simply ignore information they’re unqualified to understand, or that would jeopardize their “access,” to people whose shiny rumps they like to smooch, they are filling the information channels with useless corporate propaganda, official-source spin and disinformation, and breathless updates on the sexual and pharmaceutical proclivities of vapid entertainers. While “they” try to figure out ways to save journalism–and it can’t be saved–people like you, me and Sepoy should be carving out the norms of a future world. To wit:

I propose journalism be made illegal.


I recommend reading all three part of “The Newest Oldest Story” [I, II, III] by Farangi, author of one of the best blog series I have ever come across (see “Religion in America“, and follow the links).

There are many gems in “The Newest Oldest Story”; I shall leave you to mine them, and then reflect on their magnificence.


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