HuffPo liberals give Benazir a free ride

It’s funny watching the rehabilitation of Benzir Bhutto, as she blitzs American and British media outlets, touting herself as the true defender of Pakistani democracy; especially given her own record in office.

She has also hit the the two biggest liberal blogs in the English-speaking domain, Comment is free and Huffington Post.

Ali Eteraz once mocked Huffington Post’s credentials as ‘liberal blog’ by pointing out the lack of black faces amongst their cadre of bloggers. I have to say, reading the comments on Bhutto’s HuffPo piece, such sentiments could be extended to include some of the blog’s readership. I must agree with a commentator at Ali Eteraz’s blog that the comments “made me want to wretch”. Here’s a sample:

Dear Benazir Bhutto – your courage and loyalty to your country are world class and an inspiration or ought to be. [So loyal she siphoned off millions of dollars into foreign back accounts.]

When I hear or read the words of Benazir Bhutto, it makes me wish I were Pakistani, so I could vote for this great leader. Such a voice for reason, justice and the common good! Be well, great lady. May your countrymen rally to your side. The whole world will benefit from having you at the helm of such a crucial state. [Hilarious.]

IMHO this is the sort of female leadership the United States of America needs. Is Mrs. Bhutto perfect. Hell no! But look what she has to work with. An incredible woman! [Good idea! Keep her in the US where she can’t destroy Pakistani society.]

As you and I hide behind masked names, you insult Benazir Bhutto, dispicably [sic]. I cannot fathom how empty your life must be to be able to make such remarks to such a brave champion of freedom. [A champion of freedom to steal from the Pakistani people?]

Good luck Mrs. Bhutto. The people of Pakistan deserve better than a dictator and a puppet of George Bush. [Of course, Benazir does not look like a puppet at all.]

What a priveledge [sic] for Americans through Ms. Huffington’s Post to find a personal blog from another culture and world by someone as priveleged as you. [Yep, Oxford and Harvard are a world of their own, complete with their own funny accents and weird customs.]

And so on.

I caught a news story in The Gulf News Today (print edition — can’t find an online version) that suggested a Nawaz Sharif led party would sweep to power in any forthcoming election. Must explain why a “democract” like Benazir is so keen to do business with The General Dictator President.


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