Ingird Mattson puts Muqtedar Khan in his place

University of Delaware political scientist M.A. Muqtedar Khan gives Mattson mixed reviews. He calls her “an angel” and “the queen of American Muslims.” But he adds, “She’ll never rock the boat.

“She’s not radical on anything. She’s allowed ISNA to take strong positions against terrorism, but she’ll never be at odds with the government. You won’t see any criticism of U.S. policies. You’ll see her continue the talk about the diversity within Islam. She’ll make her mark as an activist with things like her chaplaincy program but not as a scholar with influential ideas or someone who modernizes thinking within Islam,” says Khan.

Won’t rock the boat?

Mattson rolls her brown eyes. Headline-making, provocative individual action holds no attraction for her.

“That’s the ‘great man’ theory of history. Look where that’s gotten us. I want to build something. I’m interested in long-term institutional strength,” she says.



2 Responses to “Ingird Mattson puts Muqtedar Khan in his place”

  1. 1 tradicionalista August 22, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    I’m so glad this irked others as well
    I just wrote a blog post on this as well


  2. 2 H. Yusuf August 26, 2007 at 7:45 am

    AA. I think Professor Khan makes a point that is self evident really. Sr. Mattson was elected because she was seen as one who would toe the party line and not rock the boat. Can anyone enlighten me as to what new initiative she has taken at ISNA which was not in place even before she joined the institution?

    As far as the great man theory is concerned, it is a very Islamic idea. Islam is a religion and tradition of great men, Prophets: Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, Muhammed [may peace be upon all of them], the khulafa-e-Rashidoon, the great founders of Islamic legal schools, Hanafi, Shafi…the idea of the Mujaddid, and the ideas of sufi silsilas founded and maintained by the Peers..Sr. Mattson’s response rejects the value of this great tradition?

    On a lighter note, she will naturally reject that great man theory since she can never be a great man.



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