An even more interesting fact about the recent election in Sedgefield

Following on from this, it looks like the man who stood for the BNP in Sedgefield, Andrew Spence, was also the same Andrew Spence who led the fuel protests back in 2000.

It gets more interesting if one considers this Guardian story from late 2006:

BNP leaders believe they need to increase the number of potential supporters, convinced that many would consider turning to the party at a time of deep economic crisis. Mr Griffin is convinced that the support of just 18% of the British electorate would put the party just “one crisis away from power”.

This strategy was laid out by Mr Griffin in a speech to a closed meeting of American white supremacists and European far-right party activists in New Orleans last year. In a recording of the speech obtained by the Guardian, he tells his audience to prepare now for “an age of scarcity that will be a once-in-200-years opportunity”.

He not only believes that an economic crisis of catastrophic proportions would present a great opportunity for the BNP: he appears to be convinced that such a crisis is inevitable, the result of global warming, fuel shortages and mounting debt.

“When the revolution comes, the revolution which is going to sweep away this nightmare, it is going to come in Europe, and it’s going to come very suddenly,” he told the New Orleans audience. “Bang: one month they don’t support you, the next month – if you’ve done your homework and the circumstances are right – they are prepared to support you.”

Those of us who remember the 2000 fuel protests will now how the country was, indeed, brought to a stand still.


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