Communists for Human Rights

Maryam Namazie (what a gloriously ironic name) receives lavish praise from AC Grayling in today’s Comment is free.

Is Grayling wrong to praise her manifesto? I don’t think so. I probably even agree with some of it. Muslim states have a bad record in defending the rights of its citizens, and especially minorities in these states.

However, much like the misplaced sense of importance people place on Ayan Hirsi “Catholicism is like Nazism” WhatsHerSurname, heaping praise on Namazie is out of touch with her own politics and the situation in Muslim countries.

It is funny enough watching the pea-brained American Pseudo-Conservative Right back peddle and now begin to support ardent, anti-religious, secularists — the same political flank that they spent years crushing in their fight against Communism (all the while most of these people will decry the ‘liberal’ elite for clamping down on religious expression in the US).

But I expect people who are genuinely concerned with the state of rights in one too many Muslim countries — arbitary detention without trial, routine torture, suppression of media, lack of religious freedom, state support for oppression of minorities — to do a little better than support a member of the Worker-communist Party of Iran.

Afterall, communists (and their various sectarian offshoots) have a tremendous track record when it comes to human rights where they managed to gain power.


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