The American Right and British Intellectuals

The latest British intellectual hawking himself around the US is Andrew Roberts. Slate takes a closer look at "George Bush's favourite historian".

Jacob Weisberg, reviewing Roberts' latest offering A History of the English Speaking Peoples since 1900, is not happy with the Roberts’ "sloppy" assertions and his bizarre claim that the Irish mafia in Hollywood portray the English as villains (the Jews get a day off then). But Roberts' use of history to service Empire is hardly novel. Bernard Lewis has made this particular game his own and gets rewarded handsomely.

I also need to ask if the American (pro-war) Right really needs the approval of British intellectuals? Given the list of the Brits broadly approving of the current administration, and eargely cited by right-wingers (Bernard Lewis, Christopher Hitchens, Andrew Sullivan, Niall Ferguson), it would appear that way.


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